Sunday, November 13, 2011

Campaign Move 45 – French Escape Prussian Pursuit

1600-2000 6 August 1813

2000 6 August 1813

4th Prussian corps have entered Hanover and secured the city

1st and 3rd Prussian corps have secured the lines of communication to Magdeburg

2nd Prussian corps are too far from Berkhof to attack the town

Davout’s V, VI and XIII corps have all reached Berkhof and will clear the town before daybreak. 2nd Prussian corps has failed to take the town in time to cut their line of retreat to Hamburg.

IV corps has reached Wiesendorf and their retreat to Hamburg is secure.

Davout has abandoned his communications with his main supply depot at Hanover, and all four corps of his army are out of supply.

He has managed to break contact with the Prussian pursuit, but has had to abandon most of his artillery and baggage to do so.

Blucher has secured Hanover and achieved his campaign objective. He has also inflicted a crushing defeat on Davout.

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