Friday, November 11, 2011

Campaign Move 44 - French in Flight

1200-1600 6 August 1813

1600 6 August 1813

Prussian cavalry have entered Hanover and have thus achieved their campaign objective.

However Blucher still wants to corner the fleeing French, or at the very least prevent them from rallying.

He is approaching Hanover with the main body of 4th corps.

3rd corps has lost contact with IV corps and is marching on Brunswick. The Prussian lines of supply to Magdeburg are now open

2nd corps has entered Celle and is surprised to find no trace of XIII corps. Their cavalry report the presence of a large body of the enemy at Berkhof. The enemy is too large t o engage and the cavalry have fallen back towards Celle.

IV corps has broken contact with the Prussians and is making its way north to Hamburg via Wiesendorf.

V, VI and XIII corps are now all under the command of Davout, and are marching north to Hamburg via Berkhof. As they approach the town they encounter Prussian cavalry approaching from Celle. Davout orders XIII corps to secure the town to allow the badly battered V and VI corps to continue north.

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