Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Battle of Peine Day One – Move 7

1400-1500 4 August 1813

Table at the start of move 7

3rd corps are moving behind hill to hold right flank

V corps have halted to meet 3rd corps

4th corps leading brigade within charge range of Polish lancers

Poor Card

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) - Engage – 5CP

Artillery fire (7) on 1 Polish and miss

Yorck moves to command range of leading infantry brigade

2 brigade advance downhill to skirmish range of Polish infantry

Skirmish 2 Prussian (4) and 4 Polish (3), both miss

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – Halt – 5CP

Move artillery and unlimber

17 and 20 brigades form column of attack

Cuirassiers form line

Prince Blucher (Average) – 6CP

Take command of 4th corps from Tauentzien

4th Prussian corps

Prince Blucher (Average) – Engage – 3CP

Move to command range of 15 brigade

15 brigade advance 3” and form square

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 8CP

Hand command of XIII corps back to Poniatowski

Move to join V corps and change orders from Halt to Engage

Return to XIII corps

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) – Hold - 3CP

Artillery fire on Prussian artillery (10) and miss

3 brigade change from square to column of attack

Poniatowski move to command range of 4 brigade

Skirmish 4 Polish (4) and 2 Prussian (5) both miss

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – Move – 5CP

Corps advance 8”

Bulow moves to command range of hussar brigade

Hussars advance 14” and form line

Game Notes

A very tense move for Paul (the Prussian player)

If XIII corps move first their lancers can charge the leading brigade of 4th corps

The Prussians are in column of attack, and will almost certainly lose combat and rout

Blucher is drawn before either, and has 6CP.

He takes command of 4th corps, which costs 3CP

He then has to spend 1CP to move within command range of brigade

He moves brigade towards the lancers and forms square

The lancers will now have to redeploy to charge any part of 4th corps

Rule 15 covers cavalry v infantry combat

When infantry are within 4” of each other they may skirmish

They need a total of 6 with 1D6 for a hit

Rule 11 covers skirmish combat

V corps wanted to stop their advance to meet the approaching Prussian corps

With the CinC on the field, the corps commander can only change to Halt

On Halt orders a corps may not move closer to the enemy

Rule 4 covers all corps orders, including Halt

XIII corps artillery were unlucky firing on the Prussian guns

They rolled 10 with 2D6, but need at least 11

Had they been 12 pounders they would have been in close range and got a hit

Rule 7 covers artillery fire

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