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Battle of Peine Day One – Move 5

1200-1300 4 August 1813

Table at the start of move 5

1st corps infantry are moving along the hill to make space in the valley

1st and 4th corps artillery have formed a grand battery

4th corps are redeploying to the left of the artillery

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 5CP

Arrive on table on Celle road

Move to join XIII corps

Change XIII corps orders from Halt to Hold

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) – Hold - 6CP

Artillery fire on enemy guns (7) and miss

4 brigade advance from Peine towards battle line

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – Move – 5CP

Corps arrive on table on Celle road

Advance 16” towards Peine

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – Move – 5CP

Corps arrive on table on Brunswick road

Advance 16” towards Peine

Prince Blucher (Average) – 6CP

Hand over command of 4th corps back to Tauentzien

Move to join 3rd corps

Change orders to “Move to right of hill”

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – Engage – 6CP

Artillery fire on enemy cavalry (5) and miss

13 and 15 brigades advance 6”

14 brigade move to left of artillery and join column of attack

Tauentzien moves to centre of corps

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) - Engage – 5CP

Artillery fire (2) on 1 Polish brigade and miss

Artillery manhandle 1” forward

2 and 3 brigade on hill advance 3”

Poor Card

Game Notes

Blucher has passed command back to commander 4th corps (3CP)

He then moves to meet 3rd corps (1CP) to change their orders (2CP)

Corps arrive on the table in the order of march contained in their corps orders

Both V French and 3rd Prussian have their cavalry are the rear of the column.

This prevents the respective players from sending the cavalry ahead of the column

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