Saturday, October 8, 2011

Battle of Peine Day One – Move 4

1100-1200 4 August 1813

Table at the start of move 4

1st corps infantry are moving along the hill to make space in the valley

1st and 4th corps artillery are making a grand battery

4th corps are redeploying to the left of the artillery

1st corps on the right, 4th corps on the left

General Yorck (Gifted) – 1st Prussian corps - Engage – 8CP

Artillery fire on 13 Polish (7) and miss

Artillery manhandle 1” forward

2nd and 6th brigades advance 3” on hill on the right

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) - XIII French corps – Halt – 3CP

Artillery fire on enemy guns (6) and miss

3 brigade form square

4 brigade move through Peine

Prince Blucher (Average) – 6CP

Blucher moves to join 4th corps

Take command of 4th corps

Prince Blucher (Average) – 4th Prussian corps - Engage

Artillery advance 4” and unlimber

Poor Card

Game Notes

Blucher has taken command of 4th corps in anticipation of the Poor Card

It takes 1CP to move to corps commander and 3CP to take command

He can then use remaining 2CP to issue orders to 4th corps

Fortunate he did, as the Poor Card was drawn next

When 4th corps was drawn it was under CinC command, so no longer a poor commander

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