Monday, September 5, 2011

Second Helmstedt – Move 4

1100-1200 1 August 1813

Table at the start of move 4

3rd and 4th Prussian corps approach V French corps

On the left Prussian hussars have pushed enemy cuirassiers back

1st Prussian corps on far right have halted just within artillery range of VI corps

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) – Halt – 6CP

Artillery fire (4) on cavalry and miss

No other action

Poor Card

Prince Blucher (Average) – 6CP

Move to 1st corps and change orders to Hold

Return to 4th corps

VI French corps

Marshal Marmont (Average) – Hold – 6CP

No target in range of their 9pdr guns

Cavalry retire 6” behind hill out of angle of enemy 12 pdr guns

Artillery limber and redeploy to engage 4th Prussian corps

Marshal Davout (Gifted)] – 5CP

No orders required

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Engage) – Move – 5P

Artillery fire (7) and miss 18 French

10 brigade form column from square and advance 3”

Bulow moves within command range (8”) of hussar brigade

Hussars charge shaken cuirassiers

Hussars have to pass within 3” of square

Square fire (7) and cause one casualty

Despite musket casualty hussars win melee

Cuirassiers lose one casualty and rout

Hussars test (2) to pursue, make morale and halt disordered

French square test morale (1) for rout, fail and become shaken

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – Hold - 5CP

Artillery fire at close range (6) on 12 Prussian and hit

12 Prussian test morale (0), fail and rout

10 Prussian test morale (1) for nearby rout, fail and become shaken

11 Prussian test morale (5) for nearby rout, pass but are disordered

17 brigade test morale (3) for shaken, pass and become disordered

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – Move – 4CP

Change orders to Halt due to Poor Card

Artillery fire (3) on 18 French and miss

Game Notes

Disappointing move for Prussian army

3rd corps started the move poised to take advantage of winning cavalry melee

End with one brigade in rout and one shaken and cavalry disordered behind French position

4th corps changes orders to Halt due to Poor Card

Both attacks are stalled within short range of V corps artillery

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