Friday, July 22, 2011

Campaign Move 22 – Rosche and Wolfsburg

0800-1200 30 July 1813

In the north Kleist has taken up a defensive position just east of Rosche, where he is attacked by Reynier. This is the third battle of the campaign to be fought by these two commanders.

Both corps still have casualties from the previous battles, but 2nd Prussian corps has considerably more than IV French corps.

Further south Marmont is moving north following the French defeat at Helmstedt. As he nears Wolfsburg he finds 1st Prussian corps approaching the town from the north. The French declare an immediate attack.

This is the second time that these two corps have fought around this town.

If the French are unable to take Wolfsburg their lines of supply will be cut, and they will be caught between 4th corps from the south and 1st corps from the north. This would result in the surrender of the French corps.

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