Sunday, July 17, 2011

Campaign Move 21 – Battle of Helmstedt

1600- 2000 29 July 1813

Davout’s tactic of deploying XIII corps east of Helmstedt to force the Prussian army to deploy well short of the town, and then withdrawing slowly towards the town, has worked very well.

Both 3rd and 4th Prussian corps have spent the early afternoon deploying and starting to move towards Helmstedt. XIII corps have caused casualties on the Prussian brigade holding the farm, but have withdrawn and avoided any casualties themselves.

At 1600 VI French corps started to arrive along the Wolfsburg road, and joined the left flank of XIII corps.

However the Prussian attack was against the right flank of XIII corps, and VI corps were unable to play much part in the battle.

Due to the constant withdrawal of XIII corps, 4th Prussian corps also contributed little. But their cavalry did support 3rd corps and had a very successful charge against the enemy gunners.

The battle was won by a determined attack by three Prussian infantry brigades in column of attack. They advanced against the centre of XIII corps and finally broke them just as night was falling.

Table at 2000 29 July 1813

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