Saturday, July 23, 2011

Battle of Rosche – Set Up

Campaign Background

This is the third battle to be fought on the northern flank, and both corps start the battle with casualties. IV French corps have 2 casualties. 2nd Prussian corps have 6 casualties.

Both corps are a long way from their respective CinC, and both are operating as independent commands. Any orders they receive from their CinC will be at least 24 hours out of date. Both would be unaware of the fighting around Helmstedt, or of the current intentions of Davout or Blucher.

The Prussians have taken up position just east of Rosche. By offering battle with so many casualties they run the risk of a crushing defeat. However they also deny IV French corps the opportunity to move south and join the critical battles taking part around Helmstedt.

The French have rested to recover from their battle casualties. For 24 hours they have held Rosche with a strong garrison, and are now ready to push east.

Tactical Map

The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.

Start positions are as show

Table at start of game

Rosche is the town on the left of the table

13th French infantry brigade is in the right hand section of the town

The remainder of IV French corps will enter from the left on move one

2nd Prussian corps is deployed across the Dominz road

2nd Prussian corps

Kleist has deployed his corps with the two strongest brigades in the front line

The two brigades with most casualties are held in reserve

The cavalry brigade is on the far right, the best cavalry ground

Game Note

Both corps are deployed and ready for battle

13th brigade has been placed in Rosche by the campaign corps commander

The French order of march is in accordance with the latest campaign orders

No Prussian deployment has not been specified and has been left to us to decided

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