Saturday, July 16, 2011

Campaign Move 20 – Battle of Helmstedt

1200-1600 29 July 1813

Helmstedt is held by XIII French corps.

3rd Prussian corps is approaching Helmstedt from Walsbeck, and has started to deploy in preparation for an attack on the town.

4th Prussian corps has moved into Walsbeck behind 3rd corps, and is ready to move towards Helmstedt to support the attack

VI French corps is still at Wolfsburg. They have lost contact with 3rd Prussian corps and are waiting for orders from Davout. From his headquarters in Helmstedt he has sent orders for them to march south to support XIII corps, but they have not yet arrived.

Poniatowski has deployed his corps just east of Helmstedt. He has reinforced his left flank to secure the Wolfsburg road, and is anxiously awaiting news of their approach. In the meantime he is content to wait for the Prussians to attack.

Blucher has ordered Bulow to deploy his corps to the north of the Walsbeck to Helmstedt road. 4th corps will deploy to the south of the road when they arrive.

Bulow is deploying his corps out of range of the French guns. He has sent one brigade to occupy the farm just east of Helmstedt. Deployment in the presence of the enemy is a slow business, and has already taken four hours.

Table at 1200 29 July 1813

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