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Battle of Helmstedt – Move 13

2000-2100 29 July 1813

Table at the start of move 13

The battle was continued beyond the normal 12 moves to decide the column attack

VI French corps (top left) are too far away to play any part

4th Prussian corps (bottom right) infantry and artillery were also too far away

The battle would be decided around the crossroads in front of Helmstedt

XIII French corps are pinned in front of Helmstedt

Their artillery are shaken and three of their four brigades in square

The fourth brigade is faced with the large Prussian column of three brigades

Blucher has ordered a determined attack by 3rd Prussian corps

This attack will be carried out by three brigades in a large column of attack

Their cavalry has routed and the remainder of the corps is too far behind

However they are supported by the cavalry brigade from 4th Prussian corps

Prussian cavalry Opportunity Charge French guns

4th Prussian cavalry declare an Opportunity Charge on the Shaken French artillery

Cavalry test morale to charge (5) and pass

Gunners unable to evade to square as they are Shaken

Cavalry have to pass close to square to reach gunners

Square fires on cavalry (2) but no casualties

All gunners are cut down by the cavalry

Right hand square test morale (2) fail and are Shaken

Left hand square test morale (6) pass

Prussian cavalry test morale to pursue (3), pass and halt Disordered on guns

Shaken square retires 4” to maintain cavalry combat area

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) – 4CP – Hold Helmstedt

3rd Brigade retire to Helmstedt facing enemy column

4th Brigade form line from square

Lancer brigade (out of sight on the left) pass morale test for Shaken, become Disordered

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – 5 CP – Engage

Cavalry can not be used after their Opportunity Charge

Artillery is screened by cavalry brigade and 3rd corps infantry

Four infantry brigades move forward

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – 5 CP – Attack

Artillery are screened by their own infantry

Cavalry have routed from the field

Infantry columns attack enemy line

(Right) 11 and 12 Prussian attack 3 Polish

Prussians win and roll 2D6 (11)

Prussians 1 casualty and Disordered

Polish 3 casualties and Rout

(Left) 10 Prussian attack 4 Polish

Prussians win and roll 2D6 (8)

Prussians 1 casualty and Disordered

Polish 1 casualty and retire Shaken

Retire through nearby French chasseurs who are Disordered

Centre of XIII French corps broken

Notes on Game

At night falls the centre of XIII French corps is broken and routed. They have lost six infantry and all of their gunners. There are still two infantry brigades and the cavalry to cover the retreat. They retreat west through Helmstedt along the Brunswick road

VI French corps has taken no part in the battle, and have received no casualties. They are unable to pass through Helmstedt to join XIII corps and Davout orders them to retreat north towards Wolfsburg

3rd Prussian corps have taken Helmstedt for a loss of four infantry. Their cavalry have received one casualty and have routed from the field

4th Prussian corps have played little part in the battle, except for their cavalry who charged and cut down the enemy gunners at Helmstedt. They have suffered no casualties in this battle, but have two from an earlier battle.

A hard fought, but convincing victory for the Prussian army, and one which has opened the road to Hanover. At the start of this battle it appeared likely that the French would win the campaign, the odds have now turned in favour of the Prussians.

Table at the end of the game

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