Saturday, July 9, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt – Move 7

1400-1500 29 July 1813

Table at the start of move 7

3rd Prussian corps is deploying to the top of the main road

4th Prussian corps is arriving on the main road

Still no sign of VI French corps, who are due to arrive top of left hand road

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 7CP

Move within command range of lancer brigade

General Blucher (Average) – 8CP

No move, no orders issued

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – 4 CP – Move to Helmstedt

Move towards Helmstedt on main road

Move cavalry brigade to front and form line

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – 6CP – Move to Farm

Artillery fire on enemy guns (6) and miss

Manhandle guns forward

General moves to centre of reserve infantry

Reserve infantry form column of attack

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) – 3CP – Retreat to Helmstedt

Artillery fire on farm (3) and miss

3 infantry brigade retreat facing enemy

Notes on Game

3rd Prussian corps is now ready to advance on Helmstedt

4th Prussian corps has arrived, but proving difficult to deploy

The corps commander is Poor

The cavalry and artillery are in the centre of the corps column

XIII French corps has started to withdraw to Helmstedt

Still no sign of VI French corps from Wolfsburg

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