Friday, July 8, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt – Move 6

1300-1400 29 July 1813

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – 3 CP – Move to Helmstedt

Move towards Helmstedt on main road

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – 5CP – Move to Farm

Manhandle artillery towards enemy

Move general to command cavalry and garrison

9 brigade garrison farm

Hussars move to right of farm and form line

XIII French corps

General Poniatowski (Poor) – 4CP – Hold Helmstedt

Artillery fire on farm (10) score hit

Garrison test morale (1) and pass

Move general to left flank

4 brigade form square

Lancers turn to face Prussian cavalry

Move general back to centre of corps

General Blucher (Average) – 5CP

Move to join Tauentzien

Orders 4th corps to deploy left of road opposite farm

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 8CP

Move to join Poniatowski

Orders XIII corps to move back to Helmstedt

Notes on Game

Both Prussian corps are deploying out of artillery range.

Davout orders XIII corps to withdraw to Helmstedt. This will delay the combat and allow a little more time for VI corps to arrive

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