Friday, June 3, 2011

Second Battle of Uelzen – Move 12

1900-2000 27 July 1813

Table at the start of move 12

Two Prussian brigades are in rout on the right, and a third in south Uelzen is shaken – all down to the skirmish ability of 13 French brigade.

IV French corps

General Reynier (Gifted) – 8CP – Engage Orders

Artillery fire close range on south Uelzen, one hitAlign Left

Garrison test morale, pass and become disordered

Cavalry about turn and form line facing enemy

13 brigade garrison’s north Uelzen

13 brigade skirmish 7 Prussian, no casualties

2nd Prussian corps

General Kleist (Average) – 5CP – Engage Orders

Kleist moves to square

Gunners return to abandon guns, limber and move east

Square retreats to cover artillery

8 brigade test morale for rout, fails and continue to rout

5 brigade test morale for rout, fails and continue to rout

Table at end of move 12

The French have taken north Uelzen, the Prussians hold south Uelzen

The Prussians have two brigades in rout, and have clearly lost the battle.

Even without effective cavalry, the Prussians will be able to retire east during the night

The French will have to wait at Uelzen until they can bring up their reserve infantry

Notes on Game

Both corps started the game with casualties from a previous battle.

The French opted to fight the battle without the three infantry brigades who had casualties. This gamble paid off as their one full strength brigade defeated three Prussian brigades one after the other.

The Prussians suffered heavy casualties. They lost 6 new infantry casualties to add to their existing 3 infantry and 2 cavalry

The French suffered light casualties. Only 1 new infantry casualty to add to their existing 5 infantry.

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