Saturday, June 4, 2011

Campaign Move 14 - Second Battle of Uelzen

1200-1600 27 July 1813

Reynier ordered his cavalry brigade to move forward to charge range of the long Prussian column in order to delay their advance on Uelzen. He then returned to his own corps column and brought forward his artillery to support the cavalry.

Kleist ordered his leading infantry brigade to form square, and deployed his artillery in close support. This prevented the enemy cavalry approaching any nearer, but it also halted his march on Uelzen until the deployment was complete.

Behind the artillery and square, the next two infantry brigades continued their march towards the town. The first brigade entered south Uelzen, the second continued on towards north Uelzen.

Reynier returned to his corps column and force marched his elite 13th infantry brigade towards north Uelzen. This was the only casualty free brigade, the remaining three all had casualties, and he decided to leave them out of the battle. This would allow him a lot of command points to attack with 13th brigade, the cavalry and the artillery. But he would only have one infantry brigade with which to take the town. If they were defeated it would be too late to bring the remainder up in time.

Kleist was intimated by the remaining three French infantry brigades, and deployed his weak cavalry, and his remaining infantry brigade, to the west of Uelzen.

Table at 1600 27 July 1813

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