Friday, April 15, 2011

Battle of Uelzen - Move 12

1900-2000 24 July 1813

Table at the start of move 12

Artillery are in close range and firing canister

Infantry are also close range and skirmishing

This degree of combat can not last for long, one side must soon break

General Reynier – 7CP – Engage Orders

Artillery canister 6 Prussian (again), and miss (again)

15 brigade (Shaken) retreat half move facing enemy

16 brigade advance to replace them in the firing line

14 French skirmish – no casualties

5 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

16 French skirmish – no casualties

6 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

13 French skirmish – one hit

7 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

7 Prussian test morale for casualty – pass remain formed

15 French test morale for shaken, pass and become disordered

General Kleist – 6CP – Engage Orders

Artillery fire canister at 16 French – one hit

16 French test morale – fail and rout

14 French test morale as supports – fail and shaken

6 Prussian move forward to skirmish

5 Prussian move forward to firefight

6 Prussian skirmish – one hit

15 French skirmish – no casualties

15 French test morale for casualty – fail become shaken

5 Prussian volley fire 14 French (shaken)

5 Prussian – 1 casualty

14 French – 2 casualty and rout

7 Prussian test morale for shaken – fail and rout

French artillery get a second chance to fire canister on 6 Prussian brigade

Roll another pair of one’s!

Table at the end of move 12

Both sides have lost their cavalry brigades to rout

Although casualties are similar, the French battle line has broken

There are two French brigades in rout and a third shaken

Only one Prussian brigade is in rout

Notes on Game

At nightfall both sides have similar casualties

French – 6 infantry and 3 cavalry

Prussian – 5 infantry and 4 cavalry

However the French battle line has broken, with only the artillery and one brigade still formed to cover the retreat.

The Prussians have three formed infantry brigades as well as their artillery.

2nd Prussian corps has won the battle

IV French corps must spend the next day retreating to the west

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