Sunday, April 17, 2011

Campaign Move 6 – Battle of Uelzen

1600-2000 24 July 1813

Kleist continued to pin the French centre and right, and press his attack against their left flank.

To counter this plan, Reynier went on to the offensive. As a gifted general he had sufficient command points available to take this option. He changed his orders from hold to engage and moved his centre and right forward.

The battle now reached the crisis. The infantry entered into a skirmish combat trying to shake the enemy and then move into a firefight. The guns poured fire into the massed infantry ranks at close range.

The skirmish fight continued for three moves, and the French gunners were particularly unlucky to fail to inflict any casualties on the Prussian infantry. This may well have been the deciding factor, as the first brigade shaken was a French one. The Prussians advanced and exchanged volley fire with the shaken brigade, who broke and ran. The rout spread to a supporting brigade and as night fell the French broke and ran.

Actual casualties were quite even. The French had 6 infantry and 3 cavalry. The Prussians had 5 infantry and 4 cavalry. However two brigades routed on the French left, and the remaining one was shaken. All three Prussian brigades opposite held firm.

Under cover of darkness the French retreated west through Uelzen, leaving the Prussians in possession of the field and winners of the battle.

Battle at nightfall

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