Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Battle of Uelzen - Move 11

1800-1900 24 July 1813

Table at the start of move 11

The close quarter battle is about to start

French cavalry in rout, gunners ready to fire

Prussian cavalry in rout, artillery screened by infantry and moving

General Kleist – 5CP – Engage Orders

Move gun and unlimber

Move 7 brigade into skirmish range

5 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

14 French skirmish – no casualties

6 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

15 French skirmish – no casualties

General Reynier – 5CP – Engage Orders

Artillery canister 6 Prussian – no casualties

15 brigade (Shaken) retreat half move facing enemy

Move general to centre of corps

13 brigade form line

14 French skirmish – no casualties

5 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

13 French skirmish – one hit

7 Prussian skirmish – no casualties

7 Prussian test morale for casualty – pass remain Formed

15 French test morale for Shaken – fail remain Shaken

French artillery fire canister on 6 Prussian brigade.

They only need total of 6 with 2d6.

They roll two one’s

Notes on Game

Each side now has three brigades within skirmish range, and are exchanging fire.

When one side is Shaken, the opposing brigade will move closer and engage in volley fire. This is more likely to result in a clear winner than skirmish fire. But they must first weaken the enemy brigade, or risk losing the fire fight themselves.

15 French brigade, which is Shaken, has been withdrawn from the front line to avoid the Prussians engaging in a fire fight and making them rout. The first brigade to rout may well take supporting brigades with them.

Rule 11 deals with skirmish combat and Rule 12 with firefight combat

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