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Battle of Marienborn - Set Up

Start 1200

24 July 1813

Tactical Map 24 July 1813

Campaign Background

On the same day that the battle of Helmstedt was fought, there was an encounter battle on days march to the south between XIII French corps and 3rd Prussian corps.

The battle starts at 1200 24 July 1813.

Table at 1200 24 July 1813

Wargames Table

Marienborn is in the middle of the table at the cross roads

The road from left to right is from Wolfenbuttel to Seehausen

The road top to bottom is from Helmstedt to Halberstadt

The French cavalry are deployed west of Marienborn.

The remainder of XIII corps will enter from the left on move one

The Prussians cavalry are deployed east of Marienborn

The remainder of 3rd corps will enter from the right on move one

French Army

Poniatowski has orders to move to Marienborn. His orders for the day state that the corps will engage equal or inferior forces and will hold against superior forces. His lancer brigade are marching in advance of the corps and as they approach Marienborn they spot Prussian hussars approaching the town on the Seehausen road

XIII Polish Corps

General Poniatowski (Average)

7 Infantry Division

1 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

2 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

8 Infantry Division

3 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

4 Infantry Brigade CC FC SC

13 Lancer Brigade CB Light Cavalry

13 Corps Artillery CB 9 pounder

Prussian Army

Bulow has orders to move to Marienborn and to drive back any enemy encountered.

He has instructed his corps to march to Marienborn and attack if occupied by the enemy.

At midday his hussar brigade approach the town and sight enemy cavalry approaching from the west.

3rd Prussian Corps

General Bulow (Average)

5 Infantry Division

9 Infantry Brigade CA FB SB

10 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

6 Infantry Division

11 Infantry Brigade CB FB SB

12 Landwehr Brigade CC FC SC

3 Hussar Brigade CB Light Cavalry

3 Corps Artillery CB 9 pounder

Game Notes

This is the second battle of the Hanover Campaign.

Marienborn is the objective of both the French and the Prussians

Both corps enter the table on move orders

Rule Note

The rules will be our standard wargames rules.

They can be found at

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