Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battle of Marienborn - Move 1


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 1

The French will enter the table from the left and the Prussians from the right.

Both corps are full strength and evenly matched. Both commanders are Average quality. So the opening moves will be very important. The side which moves first will be able to take multiple moves, providing that they keep more than 16” from the enemy cavalry brigade.

XIII French Corps

The French move first and with 7CP are able to make a dash for West Marienborn in column of march. They are unable to fight in this formation, but can march quicker. Their cavalry brigade covers the approach march

3rd Prussian Corps

The Prussians are less lucky with the dice and only have 4CP. They also enter the table in column of march, but first send their cavalry brigade forward to block the enemy cavalry.

Rule Note

All corps transfer from the campaign to the wargame in column of march. This formation allows them to march faster than any other, but they must deploy into column of attack or line if they wish to fight.

This formation is particularly vulnerable to enemy cavalry. If the move sequence is in their favour the cavalry can approach before the column can deploy, and inflict heavy casualties.

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