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Battle of Helmstedt - Move 12


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 12

First - Poor Card

General Tauentzien will not count as morale support

Second - VI French – 6CP

Artillery fire on east Helmstedt and miss

21 brigade (shaken) move out of west Helmstedt

22 brigade move to edge of west Helmstedt to replace 21 brigade

23 brigade skirmish east Helmstedt, no casualties

Garrison east Helmstedt unable to skirmish due to earlier casualties

21 brigade test morale for shaken, fail and rout

22 brigade test morale for rout, pass no effect

Third - 4th Prussian – 8CP

Artillery fire on 23 brigade (skirmish east Helmstedt) and miss

Blucher moves to centre of Helmstedt

16 landwehr brigade moves to support west Helmstedt

Test morale for shaken 14 brigade in west Helmstedt, fail remain shaken

Test morale for shaken 15 brigade in east Helmstedt, fail and rout

Test morale for 13 brigade (garrison east Helmstedt) pass

Test morale for 16 brigade (within 4” of rout), pass

Second - French CinC – 8CP

No action

Effect on Campaign

Table at nightfall 24 July 1813

This has been a very hard fought battle, both sides have considerable casualties and neither side is in firm control of Helmstedt. For this reason the battle is a draw, and both sides will have to withdraw during the night.

Because both CinC are present, they will decide the direction of retreat, and will include this in their orders for 25 July 1813.

Detailed casualties will be sent to each CinC and both corps commanders with the chief of staff report, but I can confirm that each side has lost 8 casualties. This may not seem a lot, but under these rules it can have dramatic results.

1 casualty per brigade is considered light

2 casualties per brigade is considered medium

3 casualties per brigade is considered heavy

Note on the Wargame

This has been a very enjoyable wargame.

The conflicting orders carried over from the campaign should have given the Prussians a good advantage. However their poor command hampered their ability to take full advantage of this opportunity.

The French reacted quickly to the threat to Helmstedt, and managed to get a brigade into the eastern section of the town just as the Prussians arrived.

The presence of both CinC in the game greatly affected command and control. The Prussians were able to overcome the problem of a Poor commander. The French had two commanders and their CinC was able to change orders for any brigade at will.

The town fighting put the rules to the test, and could have gone either way right up to nightfall. Both sides were able to replace the original garrison, and the failure of the final Prussian attack was a complete surprise to us both.

At nightfall the fighting died down. The Prussians still held the village, if only just. So the French withdrew into square M11.

So both sides could claim victory. VI corps controlled the farm, 4th corps the town of Helmstedt. Both sides had achieved their daily objective.

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