Monday, February 21, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt - Move 11


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 11

First - 4th Prussian – 6CP

General Tauentzien sent to join shaken 15 brigade in west Helmstedt

Artillery fire on 23 brigade (skirmishing east Helmstedt), no casualties

13 brigade replace 15 brigade as garrison of east Helmstedt

13 brigade skirmish 21 brigade, no casualties

21 brigade skirmish back, one casualty on garrison

13 brigade test morale for first casualty and pass

14 brigade in west Helmstedt test morale, fail remain shaken

15 brigade (routed in east Helmstedt} test and pass morale, become shaken

Second - French CinC – 8CP

Take command of artillery

Artillery fire on east Helmstedt, no casualties

Gunners manhandle guns into close range of the town

Third - Poor Card

Fourth - VI French – 6CP

Artillery have already fired on CinC orders, may not fire again

22 brigade move towards west Helmstedt

21 brigade (shaken in west Helmstedt) withdraw to edge of town

23 brigade skirmish east Helmstedt, inflict second casualty on 13 brigade

13 brigade (garrison east Helmstedt) skirmish and inflict first casualty on 23 brigade

23 brigade test morale for first casualty, pass

13 brigade test morale for second casualty, pass

21 brigade (shaken in west Helmstedt) test morale for shaken, fail and rout

No supports within supporting distance, so no further morale tests.

Game Note

Blucher (gifted commander) has taken command of 4th Prussian corps because Tauentzien is a poor commander. However Tauentzien can still be sent to add morale support to the shaken 15 brigade, who is out of command range of Blucher. This will add plus two when 15 brigade tests their morale.

Had the Poor Card been drawn before 4th Prussian corps turn this would not have been possible.

When there is a rout any brigade within supporting distance (4”) have to check their morale. When a game gets to the present stage, where there are a number of shaken brigades, one rout can have a knock on effect. Fortunately there were no supports when 21 brigade in west Helmstedt routed.

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