Thursday, September 9, 2010

French disappointment at Cambrils

28 May 1813

Second Battle of Cambrils

All four Spanish armies are concentrated at Cambrils and about to retire over the river Ebro, when they are attacked by the three French corps.

Table at start of battle

The first French attack is by 5th corps on the left. They storm the village, but the Spanish hold their own, counter attack and rout the French. Suchet has no option but to halt the remaining two corps until he can rally 5th corps. By then it is nightfall and too late to attack again. Under cover of darkness the Spanish slip away and cross the river Ebro at

27 May 1813

Copons reviews 1st army on its march to Cambrills

Captain-General Copons sees a chance to destroy the isolated 4th French corps. He orders 1st and 3rd armies to cross the river Ebro and close on Cambrils. When he arrives he finds that the French have retreated towards Reus. However he has rescued 2nd and 4th armies and prepares to retreat back across the river Ebro.

Marshal Suchet has concentrated his three corps at Reus and orders them to advance and engage the Spanish with their backs to the river Ebro. The critical battle of the campaign is about to be fought

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