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End of Tarragona Campaign

Tactical map at end of campaign

Marshal Suchet has the satisfaction of knowing that he has defeated the Spanish field armies.

Captain-General Copons has the satisfaction of knowing that he has achieved Wellington’s objective of keeping Suchet occupied on the east coast of Spain, and preventing him from sending support to Soult in the west.

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7 June 1813

Spanish settle down to blockade of French garrisons and the rest and recuperate from the campaign

French are secure in their garrisons, but have lost all control of the surrounding area.

6 June 1813

Spanish now control all of the roads between Lerida, Tarragona and Barcelona

French garrisons of Tarragona and Lerida are isolated, but have sufficient supplies to last for at least 21 days.

5 June 1813

Spanish tighten blockade of Lerida and Tarragona

French 15th corps continues towards Barcellona

4 June 1813

Spanish approach Tarragona and Lerida

French 15th corps continues towards Barcelona

3 June 1813

Spanish cautiously cross the river Ebro and follow French retreat

French hold Lerida and Tarragona, 15th corps continue towards Barcelona

2 June 1813

Spanish continue to hold their positions on west bank of Ebro

French 5th corps enters Tarragona, 15th corps starts back to Barcelona and 4th corps holds line of the river Ebro

1 June 1813

Spanish hold their positions on the west bank of Ebro

Marshal Suchet receives news of guerrilla activity between Barcelona and the French border and issues orders to hold Lerida and Tarragona, but orders 15th corps back to Barcelona

30 May 1813

Spanish complete their withdrawal behind the river Ebro and deploy to cover the bridges.

French recce the river but fail to find an undefended bridge or ford.

29 May 1813

Spanish withdraw over the river Ebro and take up defensive positions at Vandellos and Mora. 2nd Army covers the retreat.French enter Cambrils and Prades and regroup.

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