Wednesday, September 8, 2010

French victory near Tarragona

26 May 1813

First Battle of Cambrils

4th French corps are ordered to take Cambrils to prevent 2nd and 4th Spanish armies retreating to Vandellos Both armies reach the battlefield in column of march.

Spanish attempt to pass Cambrils before French arrive

As the French approach Cambrils the Spanish swing to the south in an attempt to get past the village and reach the safety of the river Ebro. However the French quickly deploy from column of march and attack the leading 4th Spanish army, which is the leading column..

4th Spanish try to deploy to engage the French flank, but are attacked and routed. 2nd Spanish has more time and has started to deploy, but are quickly broken and join the rout..

At this stage Marshal Suchet arrives on the battlefield and orders 4th corps to halt. He wants to lure the remaining two Spanish armies, safe behind the river Ebro, to move forward to the east bank so that he can destroy all of the Spanish armies, not just two of them.

25 May 1813

With the loss of Prades, Captain-General Copons decides he is no longer able to maintain the siege of Tarragona, and orders a retreat to the river Ebro. 2rd and 4th Armies will cover the retreat, 1st and 3rd will secure bridges at Mora and Vandellos.

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