Friday, August 20, 2010

Southern Germany

Campaign Background

Southern Germany

Austria had entered Russia with the Grande Armee in 1812, but had avoided battle with the Russians and held back as the French pushed east. It had avoided the terrible retreat and ended the war with its army intact.

Napoleon did not expect Austria to join with the Prussians and Russians, at least as long as he looked like he could win the campaign.

Half of the Austrian army are deployed along the Bavarian border. The remainder are to the east towards Vienna.

Napoleon has ordered the Bavarian and Baden armies to concentrate along the Austrian border to deter them from sending reinforcements north.

Third French Army

Marshal Oudinot commands the Third French Army.

It consists of four operational corps whick are widely separated, both in distance and by the river Danube.

9th corps are at Passau deployed to meet a threat north of the river Danube

10th corps are Munich preparing to move forward to Passau

11th corps are at Salzburg to control insurgents who support Austria

12th corps have just formed at Ratisbon.

Austrian Army

Archduke Charles commands the army of four corps.

All four corps are fully operational.

1st corps is at Linz on the Bavarian border
2nd corps is south of Linz on the border
3rd corps is two days behind at Amstetten
4th corps is just leaving Vienna.

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