Friday, August 20, 2010

Eastern Spain

Campaign Background

Eastern Spain

To create the new Grande Armee in the north, Napoleon has withdrawn many of the best divisions from Spain.

The bulk of these have come from the east, where there is less threat from the Spanish armies than from Wellington in the west.

The French have abandoned their bases in Valencia and concentrated on holding the coast around Barcelona and communications with Soult via Saragossa

Wellington has been appointed commander of all Spanish forces and has tasked those in the east with containing Suchet and preventing him from sending reinforcements to Soult.

Fourth French Army

Marshal Suchet commands the Fourth French Army of three corps

His orders are to hold Barcelona and the road to the west coast via Saragossa

His three corps is operational, but widely spread.

4th French corps is at Barcelona

5th French corps is at Tarragona

15th Polish corps is at Gerona

Spanish Army

Captain General Copons commands the Spanish Army of four corps

All are operational, but corps commanders resist any central control

1st corps is at Tortosa on the river Ebro
2nd corps is further north also on the river Ebro
3rd corps has entered Lerida on the Barcelona to Saragossa road
4th corps is in the mountains near Gerona

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