Thursday, August 19, 2010

Central Germany

Campaign Background

Central Germay

As the campaign opens the Russian army are at Dresden. They have recovered from the effects of the 1812 campaign and are ready to undertake operations.

Napoleon has created a new Grand Armee, though it is composed mainly of veterans from Spain and conscripts. It is still widely dispersed and in need of training.

In central Germany he has two corps holding the line of the river Saale, with a third forming up at Erfurt. He has just arrived at Erfurt with the Garde.

Second French Army

Napoleon commands he Second French Army of four corps

He is concentrating his army behind the river Saale and when ready will advance on Dresden.

1st French corps is fully operational, and is at Fulda on the road to Gera

2nd French corps is also fully operational is holding Gera on the river Saale

3rd French corps is completing its formation at Erfurt

14th Westphalian corps is fully operational and is holding Halle on the river Saale.

Russian Army

Prince Kutuzov commands the Russian army of four corps.

He is under pressure to advance to the river Saale and hold it to protect the Prussian left flank.

All four corps are operational.

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