Thursday, October 20, 2011

Campaign Move 38 – Battle of Peine Day One

1200 - 1600 4 August 1813

Table at 1600

Just after midday V French corps started to arrive on the Celle road. Davout met them as they arrived and ordered them to halt and hold the left flank

3rd Prussian corps arrived at the same time but on the Brunswick road. Blucher ordered them to advance to the right of the hill towards the farm. He was aware that there were more French reinforcements on the march from Celle. 3rd corps would delay them and gain time for him to win the battle at Peine

The Polish lancers had delayed 4th corps march on Peine. Without cavalry to engage them, the Prussians had to advance in square on their left and force the lancers to either attack or retreat.

This allowed time for the grand battery to fire on the French centre Not for the first time the Prussian gunners proved ineffective

1st corps were also delayed by having to march along the crest of the hill. By mid afternoon they were in position at the west edge of the hill and were exchanging skirmish fire with the Poles.

VI French corps were about to arrive at the French left flank. They had suffered heavy casualties at Second Helmstedt and were little more than an infantry division with artillery support.

The battle was about to enter the critical stage.

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