Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Campaign Move 37 – Battle of Peine Day One

0800 - 1200 4 August 1813

Table at 1200

When Davout received confirmation that Poniatowski would fight at Peine, he immediately ordered his army to march to his support. Not only V and VI corps under his direct command, but also IV corps who were at Wesendorf

Poniatowski had deployed his corps immediately in front of Peine, and occupied the village with one brigade.

Blucher opened the battle by ordering 4th corps to make a frontal attack. They deployed between the hill and the woods. Their cavalry had suffered casualties in an earlier battle, and again in the recent cavalry melee. They were held in reserve as they were in no condition to engage the Polish lancers

As 4th corps deployed, Poniatowski moved his lancer brigade from his left flank to his right. Here they could dominate the ground immediately in front of the French battle line.

1st corps now arrived on the Brunswick road. Their strength was much reduced by battle casualties. They consisted of only two infantry brigades and corps artillery. Despite this it was obvious to Blucher that there was not room for them to advance alongside 4th corps. He ordered them to move along the hill on his right. This would offer cover from the enemy artillery until they were ready to attack the French left flank. Their artillery would join 4th corps in the valley and create a grand battery.

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