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Battle of Peine Day One – Move 10

1700-1800 4 August 1813

Table at the start of move 10

Align Center
Top – V French corps are advancing on flank of 1st corps

Centre - 1st Prussian engaged in firefight with left wing of XIII corps

Bottom - 4th Prussian are ready to engage right wing of XIII corps

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 6CP

Take command of XIII corps from Poniatowski

XIII French corps

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – Hold - 3CP

Artillery fire (7) on Prussian gunners and miss

Davout/Poniatowski moves to centre of corps

4 brigade test morale (0) for Shaken, fail and Rout

1 brigade test morale (-1) for Rout within 4”, fail and Rout

13 artillery test morale (4) for Rout within 4”, pass and remain Formed

2 brigade test morale (0) for Shaken, fail and Rout

3 brigade test morale (0) for Rout within 4”, fail and join Rout

Cavalry brigade test morale (2) for Rout within 4", fail and become Shaken

4th Prussian corps

Prince Blucher (Average) – Engage – 6CP

Artillery fire (7) on 3 Polish and miss

4 cavalry about turn to face enemy threat (see note below)

15 brigade (square) advance 2” and force Polish lancers to retire 2”

16 brigade advance 6”

13 brigade advance 3”

Firefight 13 Prussian v 3 Polish.

Prussian total combat points 12

3 Polish lose three casualties and Rout

13 Prussian lose one casualty and become Disordered

Polish lancers test morale (2) for Rout within 4”, fail and become Shaken

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) - Engage – 7CP

French cuirassiers declare Opportunity Charge on flank of 2 Prussian infantry brigade

Cuirassiers test morale (4) to charge, pass and charge

2 Prussian test morale (-2) to react, fail and are cut down by cuirassiers

Cuirassiers test morale (3) to pursue, fail and halt Disordered

Artillery fire (5) canister on enemy gunners and miss

Artillery advance 1”

3 brigade forms square

3 brigade skirmish gunners (3) fail to inflict any casualties

5th Cuirassiers charge 2nd Prussian brigade in flank

Poor Card

3rd Prussian corps

General Bulow (Average) – Move –7CP

Artillery fire canister (12) on cuirassiers and score two hits

Cuirassiers automatic Rout for three casualties

17 French test morale (5) for Rout within 4”, pass and remain Formed

10 brigade advance 16”

3 cavalry advance 14”

Bulow moves to centre of corps

11 brigade occupy farm

9 brigade change from square to column of attack

3rd Prussian artillery fire canister on Cuirassiers and score two sixes

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – Engage – 6CP

Artillery fire canister (5) on farm and miss

Laurison change orders to Halt

20 brigade retire 3” out of enemy canister range

5 cuirassiers continue on automatic Rout and leave table

VI French corps

Marshal Marmont (Average) – Engage Farm – 7CP

Cavalry turn to face enemy and form line

23 brigade turn to face enemy and form column of attack

24 brigade enter table, turn to face enemy and form column of attack

Game Notes

All brigades within 4” of a Rout must test their morale

This often results in a general loss of morale

This has happened in the French centre where there were already a lot of casualties

Rule 18 deals with morale

In certain circumstances cavalry can declare an Opportunity Charge

This happens at the beginning of the target’s move

The target brigade must then test morale to react to the charge

Rule 6 covers Opportunity Charge

When cavalry have caused enemy to Rout they must test morale to pursue

If they pass test and have to pursue, they roll again to see who they charge

This also applies if they cut a unit down

Rule 17 deals with pursuit

In the campaign Blucher has received a report that the French are approaching Brunswick

He has ordered 4th cavalry brigade to about turn to face this threat.

The French have not arrived on the table, but Brunswick is on the adjacent square

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