Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Campaign Move 31 – Disorder after the Storm

0800-1200 2 August 1813

The recent spate of battles has left both armies battered and disorganized. But this is no time to rest and recover.

The defeat at Helmstedt means that Davout has to produce a new strategic plan.

His failure to cut the Prussian lines of communications at Helmstedt has passed the initiative to Blucher. Both V and VI corps have suffered heavy casualties, and urgently require a period of rest to rally and regroup. The offensive option is no longer available, and he must consider whether to try to hold Hanover or to fall back on Hamburg.

Blucher has also suffered heavy casualties in the recent battles. However his victory at Helmstedt has allowed him to rest over night on the battlefield and rally his routed brigades. His corps would benefit from a short period of rest, but it is not essential.

He has the strategic advantage for a short period and he must decide how to best take advantage of it. Should he halt at Helmstedt to protect his lines of supply and reorganize his battered corps. Or should he now go on the offensive and strike at the French.

During the evening of 1 August 1813 both commanders issue orders to their scattered and battered corps which will answer all of these questions.

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