Saturday, September 17, 2011

Campaign Move 30 – Second Helmstedt

1600 - 2000 1 August 1813

Table at 2000

By taking personal command of 4th corps Blucher could issue orders in place of Tauentzien, but he could not issue any orders to 1st or 3rd corps.

Blucher led 4th corps forward towards the French centre. As he did so Davout completed his withdrawal by placing one brigade in the farm, and formed the remainder of his two corps either side of it.

The French withdrawal had taken V and VI corps out of artillery range of 1st and 3rd corps. Both commanders had to wait for fresh orders from Blucher before they could advance to support 4th corps, but those orders were never issued.

As he neared the farm the French cavalry rallied and advanced to threaten the right flank of the Prussian columns.

It was now 1900, and only one hour remained before night fall. Blucher halted 4th corps on the abandoned French gun line. The second battle of Helmstedt had ended. He is confident that if the French do not retreat during the night he will be able to defeat them once he has regrouped his three corps.

Davout has done well to hold his second position until night fall

The French have lost 12 infantry, 1 cavalry and 4 gunners

The Prussians have lost 2 infantry, 3 cavalry and 1 gunner

Davout has 1 cavalry and 3 infantry brigades in Rout

Blucher has 1 cavalry and 1 infantry brigades in Rout

The Prussians are clear winners and will hold their ground over night

The French will retreat during the night and avoid battle for 24 hours

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