Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second Wolfsburg – Move 12

1900-2000 30 July 1813

Table at the start of move 12

As night falls both reinforcing corps are too far away to influence the battle

Both sides have put fresh brigades into the town

Top left Prussian POW being escorted off battlefield

VI French corps

Marshal Marmont (Average) – 4 CP - Engage

Artillery fire on enemy artillery (6) but miss

Marmont moves to centre of town

21 infantry rout back towards their supports

Skirmish 23 French (6) with 3 Prussian (6)

3 Prussian receive third casualty

3 Prussian test (4) and fail morale and rout

22 French test (6) for rout, fail and continue to rout

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) – 7CP – Hold

Artillery fire (3) on infantry and miss

Move shaken 1 infantry behind supports

Yorck moves to centre of town

Move routed 3 infantry behind supports

Skirmish 2 Prussian (1) with 21 French (4), no casualties

Test morale (4) for shaken 1 infantry, fail and remain shaken

Test morale (4) for routed 3 infantry, pass and become shaken

Prince Blucher (Average) – 5CP

Move to join 1st corps

Change orders to retreat south towards 4th corps

Move to 4th corps

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – 6CP – Engage

17 infantry advance 6”

19 infantry advance 6”

18 infantry advance 6”

Artillery advance 8”

20 infantry advance 8”

Cavalry escort prisoners to rear

Marshal Davout (Gifted) – 7CP

No action

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) - 3CP – Engage

Artillery fire (4) on square and miss

Tauentzien move to rear column

Column advance 8” to west of town

Battle for Wolfsburg

Much confusion as brigades rout towards enemy

Three of the original four brigades have routed out of the town

Both sides have orders fresh brigades to join the fight

The French hold west Wolfsburg

Both sides contest east Wolfsburg

Table at the end of Move 12

Notes on Game

1st Prussian corps has suffered heavy casualties of 16 infantry and 4 cavalry

This includes the infantry and cavalry brigade captured north of Wolfsburg

4th Prussian corps has not suffered any casualties, nor played much part in the battle.

V French corps has not suffered any casualties, but their cavalry brigade has played a significant part in the battle. They defeated the Prussian cavalry and captured the whole brigade, plus a supporting infantry brigade.

VI French corps has suffered medium casualties or 9 infantry, including one brigade in rout.

Blucher has accepted defeat, and ordered 1st corps to retreat towards 4th corps

Under cover of darkness 4th corps will retire south towards Helmstedt.

Davout is in a stronger position at the end of the battle than at the start.

He has joined V and VI corps, and occupies a central position.

This will allow him to move on Magdeburg via Helmstedt or Kalbe – or both

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