Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Campaign Move 23 – Rosche and Wolfsburg

Battle of Rosche at 1500

By mid afternoon the battle is going badly for the French.

Reynier deployed his corps to the north of the town, and ordered the garrison to withdraw from the town and join the main corps. His artillery failed to cause any casualties on the Prussian cavalry, and he was forced to order his own cavalry to engage them to secure the ground for his infantry attack. The French cuirassiers lost the melee and fell back. Fortunately the gunners hit the Prussian cavalry as they advanced and they fell back shaken.

He ordered three of his infantry brigades to advance and engage the left of the Prussian battle line. One was routed as they approached, and the other two failed to break the already weakened Prussian brigade.

With his corps separated into two groups, Reynier is finding it difficult to control both groups. He is forced to concentrate on the infantry attack, but that leaves it without artillery support.

Battle of Wolfsburg at 1600

Both commanders are aware that possession of Wolfsburg is the key to the battle. Fierce fighting has continued all day in both the east and west sections of the town.

Both are also aware that by mid afternoon reinforcements are approaching the battle field. 4th Prussian corps is approaching from Helmstedt, and VI French corps is in danger of being pinned between them and 1st Prussian corps.

V French corps is approaching from Bodenteich, and 1st Prussian corps is equally in danger of being pinned between them and VI French corps.

1st Prussian corps started the battle nearer to the town, and by midday were fighting for both town sections, but had also established a strong position to the east of the town.

VI French corps moved to the west of the town, in order to join up with the fast approaching V corps.

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