Thursday, August 25, 2011

Campaign Move 26 – The current situation

1200 - 1600 31 July 1813

Another quiet period as the corps involved in the recent fighting rest and recover.

In the north 2nd Prussian and IV French corps have broken contact. Both have suffered heavy casualties and neither are in any condition to take offensive action at present.

In the centre Blucher has personal command of 1st and 4th Prussian corps and has withdrawn them to Helmstedt to hold the vital Magdeburg to Hanover road. Davout is following them with V and VI French corps, who defeated them at Wolfsburg yesterday.

Further west XIII French corps is retreating towards Hanover pursued by 3rd Prussian corps. If 3rd corps can take Hanover, Blucher will have won the campaign.

Davout is aware that if he can take Hemlstedt he will have cut the main Prussian supply line.

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