Sunday, August 21, 2011

Campaign Move 25 – Rest and Reorganisation

0800-1200 31 July 1813

After the recent spate of heavy fighting, both armies are in much need of a short break and an opportunity to regroup

There is not one single corps at full strength after seven battles. Some have so many casualties as to make them non operational. Despite this both Davout and Blucher are well aware that the longer they delay the more opportunity their opponent has to strike first. There is a fine balance between allowing the corps to recover fighting fitness, and allowing the enemy to dictate the location of the next battle.

A corps which has lost a battle has to avoid contact for the next three moves, and this will prevent them taking part in any battle the next day.

Commanders know their own casualties, but not those of the enemy. So they are not sure exactly what they are up against if they opt for battle.

24 hours earlier the Prussians appeared to be in an unbeatable position. They had won a major battle at Helmstedt and the road to Hanover appeared to be open. Then they suffered a crushing defeat at Wolfsburg, including the surrender of two brigades.

One more decisive victory could decide the outcome of the campaign.

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