Friday, July 1, 2011

Campaign Move 19 - Battle of Helmstedt

0800 - 1200 29 July 1813

Davout has sent urgent orders to VI corps at Wolfsburg to march south to support XIII corps at Helmstedt. However the orders were not sent until midnight 28 July 1813, and will not arrive before first light. If Marmont has not anticipated their arrival, and started his march south at first light, Poniatowski will be in for a hard fight.

Poniatowski has deployed his corps just east of Helmstedt. His cavalry are further east keeping watch on the Prussian’s at Walsbeck. He has strengthened his left flank, in anticipation of the arrival of Marmont from Wolfsburg.

Blucher has ordered 3rd Prussian corps to attack Helmstedt at first light. 4th corps will move in support, and should arrive on the battlefield by midday.

Table at 0800 29 July 1813


  1. Paul, that is Helmstedt at center-left. I hope my lads do me proud against the Prussians.

  2. Justin

    Thanks, I have amended it.

    You will need good dice, or VI corps, to pull it off.

    To para phrase Wellington at Waterloo "send me night, or send me sixth corps"