Thursday, June 16, 2011

Campaign Move 18 – The Fog Clears

1600-2000 28 July 1813

The French cavalry are now recovering from their earlier battle casualties, and Davout orders an increase in recce activity to locate the Prussian corps.

Poniatowski orders his lancer brigade to move east from Helmstedt, and recce the approach to Walsbeck. As they leave Helmstedt they find a Prussian hussar brigade blocking their way.

The lancers charge the hussars and force them to fall back on their parent corps at Walsbeck. The lancers pursue, and as they near the outskirts of Walsbeck they observe 3rd Prussian corps in the town and 4th Prussian corps to the north.

The alarming report that Blucher has managed to concentrate two of his corps at Walsbeck is handed to Davout just before midnight.

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