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Second Battle of Uelzen – Set Up

0800 27 July 1813

Campaign Background

During the afternoon of 26 July Kleist marched south to support 1st corps who had lost the battle of Steinhorst. At the same time Reynier sent his cavalry to recce Uelzen, and found it empty.

Reynier ordered his corps to move east and take Uelzen.

When Kleist received reports of enemy cavalry he immediately ordered his corps to about turn and return to Uelzen.

Kleist is well aware that if the French occupy Uelzen they will have cut his lines of supply, and he will be trapped between IV and V French corps.

Both corps start the battle with five casualties from the first battle of Uelzen.

2nd Prussian corps start the battle on Attack orders

IV French corps start the battle on Engage orders

Tactical Map

The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.

Start positions are as shown

Table at start of game

Uelzen is the town on the cross roads on the top right

2 Prussian corps is marching back to the town

French cavalry are to the left of the town, supported by an infantry brigade

The remainder of IV French corps will arrive on the far left

2nd Prussian corps

On the march back to Uelzen

Casualties are indicated by the green dice

Their cavalry are at the rear of the corps column

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