Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second Battle of Uelzen – Move 1

0800-0900 27 July 1813

Table at the start of move 1

2nd Prussian corps is on Attack orders

IV French crops is on Engage orders

General Kleist (Average) – 5CP – Attack Orders

Change orders to Engage

Leading infantry brigade form square

Artillery move and unlimber

General Reynier (Gifted) – 6CP – Engage Orders

Change orders to Move

Double move towards town for corps column

Reynier moves towards cavalry brigade

Notes on Game

Kleist changes his orders to Engage as he is not deployed to attack

Reynier changes his orders to Move to avoid having to move his cavalry any closer to the enemy artillery and square

Orders which are suitable for the campaign are often inappropriate on the table. It is usually best to start the game on Move orders so that the corps can deploy without having to engage the enemy too soon.

Wargame Rule 4 applies and can be found at

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