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Campaign Move 11 - Battle of Wolfsburg

1200-1600 26 July 1813

By mid morning Marmont had deployed his corps south of the Wesendorf-Wolfsburg road and was ready to open the attack.

Tauentzien had garrisoned the farm and supported them with artillery and cavalry. But the remainder of his infantry were either in Wolfsburg or the woods. Both were too far away to play any part in the battle for the farm

Marmont opened the attack by sending his right hand infantry brigade against the farm. The buildings hid them from the Prussian artillery during their approach. He then moved his artillery into canister range of the farm, but at an angle which also threatened the Prussian cavalry – who immediately withdrew. The remainder of the French infantry were kept out of artillery range until the fight for the farm was resolved.

It was clear to Tauentzien that he must bring up his reserve infantry, but to do so he would have to move out of command radius of the farm. He rode back to Wolfsburg, sent forward the reserve brigade and ordered the garrison to vacate the town and move forward to support the farm. All of this movement was covered by the Prussian cuirassier brigade.

He then moved to the woods and organised the withdrawal of the brigade there and moved them to support the farm.

Meanwhile the farm garrison was under intense pressure from close range artillery fire and infantry skirmish fire. Tauentzien had placed his best brigade in the farm. Despite increasing casualties they held their own throughout the afternoon. This was fortunate, as there were no supporting infantry to replace them should they lose their morale and rout.

Table mid afternoon

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