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Battle of Wolfsburg – Move 10

Battle of Wolfsburg – Move 10

Table at the start of move 10

Prussian garrison of farm still holding on despite three casualties

Prussian artillery now in range of French reserve infantry

VI French corps

Marshal Marmont (Average) – 6P – Engage Orders

Artillery fire on farm and miss (yet again)

22 brigade move into skirmish range of farm

21 brigade skirmish farm but no casualties

22 brigade skirmish farm inflict fourth casualty

Garrison returns skirmish fire but no casualties

Garrison automatic rout

Prussian gunners test and pass morale for nearby rout

4th Prussian corps

General Tauentzien (Poor) – 5CP – Move Orders

Artillery fire on reserve infantry and hit

23 brigade test and pass morale for casualty

Manhandle guns away from enemy

14 brigade form column of attack to cover rout

Table at end of move 10

13 brigade is in permanent rout and the French have captured the farm.

Tauentzien must decide whether to attempt to retake the farm, or withdraw to Wolfsburg.

His corps is currently on Move Orders and would require new orders to counter attack.

A counter attack against four brigades would be costly, and probably fail

He orders his corps to withdraw to Wolfsburg

Notes on Game

Tauntzien started the battle with his corps too dispersed, due to campaign orders to occupy the farm and the woods. As a Poor commander he has less CP to move around and gather his brigades together. Despite this he did very well to achieve concentration by move 9

Marmont was committed to a deployment right of the road due to his campaign orders. This did no harm at all, as it allowed him to attack the farm whilst hidden from the enemy artillery.

The two cavalry brigades held their flank without having to fight.

Tauentzien’s decision to retreat rather than try to retake the farm was a wise one.

Both corps suffered light casualties

French – 1 infantry

Prussian – 4 infantry

However the best Prussian infantry brigade is in permanent rout and will take at least four moves to recover.

The result is a French victory, but the Prussians will be well able to fight another day.

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