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Campaign Move 10 - Battle of Wolfsburg

0800-1200 26 July 1813

Marshal Marmont entered Wiesendorf on 23 July and received reports from his cavalry brigade that they were in contact with Prussian heavy cavalry just west of Wolfsburg and that a Prussian corps was in the town itself.

Marmont had orders to hold Wiesendorf. However throughout 25 July he heard the sound of fighting from the north, near the town of Steinhorst. Late in the evening he received confirmation that V corps had won their battle there. He immediately issued orders for his own VI corps to attack Wolfsburg at first light the next day.

General Tauentzien had orders to hold Wolfsburg and his corps were deployed to do so. As the enemy made no attempt to approach the town, he decided to reinforce his cavalry west of the town. At first light on 26 July he would send infantry to take possession of a woods north of the Wesendorf to Wolfsburg road, and a farm south of the road. This would delay any French attempt to approach Wolfsburg.

At first light on 26 July Marmont led his corps east on the Wolfsburg road. He determined to deploy his corps south of the road to avoid the wooded area north of the road. As he left Wesendorf he sighted Prussian infantry marching towards the woods north of the road, and the farm to the south. They were covered by a cuirassier brigade, and he was reluctant to risk his light cavalry so early in the battle.

By the time the VI French corps were deployed south of the road, the enemy had taken possession of both the farm and the woods.

Table at the start of the battle

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