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Battle of Wolfsburg – Set Up

0800 26 July 1813

Campaign Background

During the early evening of 25 July Marshal Marmont sent a cavalry patrol north to Steinhorst to confirm the outcome of the battle there. Just after midnight they reported a French victory. He immediately ordered his corps to attack Wolfsburg at first light.

General Tauentzien is a Poor commander, and lacked the initiative to confirm the outcome of the battle. He had orders to hold Wolfsburg and his corps were deployed to do so. At first light he sent infantry to occupy the woods in G7 and the farm in J7.

Tactical Map

The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.

V French corps will enter H6, where their cavalry are already deployed

1st Prussian corps will be deployed in square H8 and their cavalry in H7

Table at start of game

Steinhorst is the town on the cross roads on the right

4 Prussian corps is deployed in and around the town

VI French corps will arrive on the left

Both cavalry brigades are facing each other in line but outside charge move

1st Prussian corps

Cavalry screening approach to Wolfsburg

Two infantry brigades are ready to move to the farm (right) and woods (left)

Landwehr brigade is garrison of Wolfsburg

Remaining infantry brigade and artillery ready to deploy as required

Special Rules

The Prussians will move first to ensure that the two infantry brigades move towards the woods and farm as ordered in the campaign move.

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