Thursday, March 31, 2011

Campaign Move 4 – Battle of Uelzen

0800-1200 24 July 1813

The armies are now in close contact along the whole front.

All corps have spent the previous day trying to identify what is opposite them. Some have been successful, and are aware of the designation of the enemy corps. Others have been unable to penetrate the enemy cavalry screen and are only aware that there is a corps sized formation opposite them.

The two commanders in chief will not be aware of the situation until they receive the daily reports from their corps commanders. These will start to arrive during the current move, but those corps furthest from army headquarters will not arrive until the next move.

All corps are currently working on orders issued during the previous afternoon.

At that time the Prussian corps at Rosche was ordered to push forward to Uelzen, and attack if necessary. This movement resulted in the battle of Uelzen.

The French corps at Uelzen has orders to take up a defensive position and hold the town.

As a result the first battle of the campaign will be fought between Rosche and Uelzen.

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