Sunday, March 27, 2011

Campaign Move 3 – First Contract

1600-2000 23 July 1813

Both armies have now moved within sight of each other along the whole front

Between the two armies the cavalry brigades from each corps are now in contact. Most have orders to observe and report, but to avoid combat.

All corps are now within 15 miles of each other, which is contact range. They would be aware that there is an enemy corps approaching, and which square they are in. As long as the two cavalry screen are maintained they would not be aware of the identity of the enemy corps.

If the cavalry on one side retreats to its parent corps, the other cavalry brigade will be able to approach close enough to the enemy corps to identify which corps it is.

In the north two cavalry brigades fight a brief melee. It resulted in a draw, both brigades lost one casualty each and both withdrew to their parent corps.

The cavalry melee was resolved under Wargame Rule 14 : Combat - cavalry v cavalry.

Both brigades are well matched in strength and type, so neither has the advantage. A dice was rolled to decide which brigade would dice to decide. Two D6 dice were rolled, for a total of 6. The result was draw, both disordered, each lose one casualty.

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