Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Battle of Marienborn - Move 8


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 8

Both sides are determined to hold their own side of the town at nightfall.

Little attempt has been made to improve the deployment south of the town

3rd Prussian Corps

Bulow has 5CP

Artillery fire on square and hit, square test morale and pass

9 brigade move forward in square

12 brigade moves behind artillery and forms square on the other side of the guns

10 brigade skirmish with 2 brigade in town, both miss

XIII French Corps

Poniatowski only has 4CP

Artillery fire on East Marienborn and miss

2 brigade skirmish with 10 brigade and score a hit

10 brigade returns fire and fails to hit

10 brigade test morale for second casualty and pass

Table at the end of Game

The Prussians were lucky that 10 brigade made their morale with 2 casualties

As they hold East Marienborn at nightfall they can replace 10 brigade with the reserves

Both sides can complete their deployment during the night.

They are not allowed to move closer to the enemy, but can complete deployment

Effect on Campaign

The casualties so far have been light.

3 Prussian corps two casualties

XIII French corps one casualty

Both sides have secured their deployment and hold the nearest section of Marienborn.

Nightfall has prevented a skirmish developing into a battle

Both corps will be fully deployed at daybreak

Note on the Wargame

This has been an uneventful game so far.

10 brigade was unlucky to receive two casualties, and not inflict any on 2 brigade

The French have a slight advantage if the battle goes to a second day.

But not sufficient to feel confident of victory

A second day’s battle could go either way.

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