Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Battle of Marienborn - Move 7


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 7

Both sides have occupied the nearest section of Marienborn, and have also reinforced the first brigade sent to take the town. So both are obviously determined to hold their side

Both sides have also expanded well to the south of the town. Neither deployment is complete, but the battle lines are taking shape

3rd Prussian Corps

Bulow has 5CP this move

Artillery fire at the enemy square, which is just in range, and miss

Gunners man handle guns forward to remain in range if the square moves

10 brigade moves to centre of Marienborn and 11 brigade moves up in support

10 brigade skirmish with 2 brigade and miss

2 brigade skirmish back and score hit

10 brigade test morale and pass

XIII French Corps

Poniatowski also has 5CP this move

Gunners manhandle guns forward into range of East Marienborn

Cavalry move forward to protect gunners, the infantry are too far away

Poniatowski moves closer to town and orders 2 brigade to centre of town

2 brigade skirmish with 10 brigade, both miss

Rule Note

With just one casualty the Prussians are at a disadvantage in the town

They will require a roll of 6 to hit, the French require 5 or 6

It is probably too late in the day for either side to take full control of the town, though it is possible that a rout could leave one side empty.

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