Sunday, February 27, 2011

Battle of Marienborn - Move 5


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 5

The withdrawal of both cavalry brigades allows the commanders to deploy their corps.

On the left Poniatowski has sent his artillery well to the south

This will give them an excellent field of fire.

One division is entering West Marienborn

The second division is taking position south of the town

Bulow is slightly behind in his deployment

His artillery is too close to the town to fire on West Marienborn

Three infantry brigades are still on the road approaching East Marienborn

XIII French Corps

Poniatowski has 5CP to complete his deployment

2 brigade is occupying West Marienborn, supported by 3 brigade

The artillery are unlimbered and have a good field of fire

4 brigade is moving into position between 1 brigade and the guns

3rd Prussian Corps

Bulow has 6CP

He moves his hussar brigade well to the south to threaten the enemy artillery

10 brigade is sent into East Marienborn, supported by 11 brigade.

His artillery are badly positioned, he orders them to limber and move south.

Rule Note

The Prussian cavalry are more than 16” from the nearest enemy.

So they can have multiple moves to outflank the enemy gunners

This should allow him to regain the advantage of his slow deployment.

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